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Ani-Motion Werewolf Mask

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Has anyone tried this product? Available at Spirit Halloween stores, it apparently opens it's jaws baring it's fangs when the wearer moves. I could use one, anybody have any input?
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I tried them all the year that I worked there. What I found is that there is a huge difference between each individual mask. I tested 20 of them before I selected one. I took one that was very sturdy and stiff, assuming that as they wear out they get more loose. That doesn't seem to be the case. Mine is almost unusable because the jaw is so stiff you cannot open it with your mouth. If you're set on buying one, look for one that is VERY easy to open and close but does not feel loose. It shouldn't wiggle left and right. After you purchase it, open it right there in the store and test it and if it doesn't work well ask to switch it out. Spirit stores want happy repeat customers and they should work with you on it. Plus if they haven't gotten a chance to play with one out of the packaging they'll be interested to see how it fits. Just try to go at a time when the store isn't too busy.
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My son just got the scarecrow one and really likes it.
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