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Hi ~ Im Ani from So Oregon ~ Halloweens my fave holiday of the year and I go all out. Last year I fully did up my livingroom as a vampire lair as our group were Victorian era vampires ~ so if anyones doing a vampire theme I can help with that ...have lots of pics.
This year my group waited anxiously to see what theme I had come up with and I thought it'd be cool (and get ahead of the mass) to celebrate the upcoming Tim Burton film Alice In Wonderland (Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter) but were doing it on more on Burtons level...Malice in Wonderland.
Anyone's done a AIW theme before ? Any ideas would be helpful ~ especially to make it scary and not sooo cute~Z.
I was thinking a tunnel of some sort from the doorway (to represent going down the hole) and having motion activated 'things' on those tunnel walls, but cant figure out how to do it?

Also I can help others with the following past themes:
Elfs and Elfin warrors
Geisha Ninjas aka Ginja's

and LOL one year I was sorta an Alice ... "Alice In Chains" (my fave band).
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