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Honestly, if it was me--
I'd get artist's gesso, the stuff painters use to prime canvas and masonite for painting. Next, get an acrylic paint the exact shade you want, a bone/ivory/sandstone/ sorta shade.

Don't mix the gesso and the paint. It takes practice to get the ratio right without ruining the gesso, so no need to bother with it for this.

First a thin layer of gesso, and let it dry.
Then a thicker layer. Once it's dry, lightly sand it smooth. The brush marks will go away, and bingo, a clay surface.

You could add some texture by lightly dragging a tiny brush horizontally all the way around it, all the way up, to create a slight potter's wheel effect if you want. I don't think that would work for this, but it's a handy trick to keep in mind if you use gesso for clay objects in the future.

Once this is dry, either give it a third coat (and carefully add the carved symbols in the damp gesso with a toothpick, rubber stamps, or what have you) and sand it again (watch out for the carved symbols) or go ahead with paint.

Paint it...

...and paint it again.

Don't put any sealants or finishers on it. Leave it rough.

Sculpt the lids from polymer or air-dry clay and paint them with the same acrylic paint.

Bingo. Canopic jars from glass vases.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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