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Late yesterday afternoon as I was driving home, a group of happy teenagers saw my car, waved and yelled they would be coming through Ravens Grin after they ate Supper at a restaurant very near my house! ("That's nice!)
A few minutes later another group of smiling teens were waving at me and also saying they would be seeing the house after they got done eating!
I told my wife:"It sounds like we may have as many as 20 Teenagers coming here tonight!
None of them called or showed up.
It was now 11 O'Clock. My wife suggested I lay down, rest.. as soon as my body contacted the couch.the doorbell rang!
There he was, all by himself,just one guy,maybe 35 years old, smiling, wanting to take the house tour.
He had seen the photo-spread featuring the house in National Geographic world in 1998. He was enthralled, fascinated,really wanted to come here,but was then living in Michigan.
He does go to see October Haunts.. he had kind of forgotten about this one, then something "Clicked" he remembered I had a Pterodactyl skeleton on the outside of the house. He searched via that boney bird, found my house!
He was smiling or laughing all the way through the house!
I managed to startle him a few times,anyway!
He turned out to be a "SUPER FAN!" He wants to return with "friends".
I also had a great and fun time, entertaining HIM!
It's not about just trying to make a living, it's also about feeling good about yourself! With just this one,enthusiastic patron,I managed to feel Very Good!
He liked my "stories".
I liked that he listened.
And had fun.
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