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Among the Living Masks

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After an eye opening trip to Mask Fest 2014, I have decided to start my own Halloween mask studio out of my basement. Inspired by a love for vintage Halloween, horror movies and masks I will be creating all new plastic masks like the ones we all wore when we were kids. Only without the clumsy and fragile vinyl jumpsuits.

I will be doing all the sculpting, molding, vac forming and painting. I realize this is an ambitious project and I anticipate several challenges along the way. But am really looking forward to getting going with this new adventure and learning some new skills.

I have the tools and 50# of WED clay ready to dig into in 2015. I hope to have my first mask for sale by the Spring of 2015, sooner if things go well. And I should be offering t-shirts and stickers before then.

While everything is still in the early stages, I have set up a facebook page as well as an Instagram account and will be posting as I go with updates and progress shots. Give the pages a look and click to like or follow if you like what you see.