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American DJ Fog Storm 1700 HD stopped working, repair.

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This is just a short post to pass something along (kind of busy today).

My fog storm 1700 HP worked fine yesterday when I tested it. But last night when I did a run through, it had crapped out.

Was not even warm. It appears the low fluid sensor magnetic float stuck, turning on the little LED in the front and turning off the ability to make fog. Fog tank was more than half full. So it just sat there for the evening.

Today when I had a chance to take it apart I found the overtemp switch on the heater assembly had not reset, pushing it's little plunger fixed that. I'm assuming when it sat there most of the night and did not run once it got hot enough at some point to trip the switch, which might be normal and happen often, but we would never see that, if it resets as it should have.

I found a youtube from American DJ where they say a common problem with their 1200 and 1700 that get sent back is the magnetic float gets stuck. They say if you have fluid and still see the green LED on the front panel, bang the tank up and down a couple times and see if it goes out.

For a long time I couldn't get mine to free up, and was going to just jump the switch in the black plastic housing (under tank). I saw it supplies 12Vdc but did not get the chance to determine if it was a reed or Hall switch. Before I got a small rod and poked in down the floats center hole, finally freeing it.

Hope this helps in case someone else has one of these POS, um.. I mean fine machines...
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I'm a little confused now. Maybe we are speaking about two different parts, or they make the 1700HD in more than one configuration.
The part in your post #7 is the part I am saying is an overtemp safety sensor intended to shut the unit down it if the heater becomes too hot.
Looks like this: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/1447429512/KSD301_manual_reset_thermostat_16a_250v.html
Note the plunger on the top of both parts, used to manually reset it when tripped by higher than limit temp being reached.
Also note the machine stops heating and making fog when this is tripped, until the machine's case is opened and the plunger pressed back down.

In less complex (cheaper) machines an automatically resetting thermostat (no plunger) is used to divert power from the pump until hot enough to fog properly.
If the rest of your machine is working as intended I do not see how the switch I describe would act as you describe. When this switch has opened the heater no longer can complete it's circuit, and can not reheat again until the plunger is manually pressed.

Perhaps you thought I was calling the item you show in post 15 a safety sensor. I think that item is a temp sensor used to tell the unit it is hot enough to fog.
It could be a switch, and if opened might allow the pump to run. But I suspect that won't help you a lot in the long term.

The new switch is on the temperature sensor, not the overtemp sensor which I did replace with a new one. If the temp sensor ever fails and gets stuck in the closed position (like it did this year) I can manually switch it to an open circuit which will trigger the pump. Upon doing so I could leave the remote in automatic mode but it would run constantly or I would need to switch the remote to manual mode. I would have to push the button every time I wanted fog but it would still be better than not having fog at all.
I hate this machine! I went to test it today for Halloween night only 3 days away and low fluid sensor is stuck. Piece of junk.
Guys, do yourself a favor. I have been running a high end home haunt for 10 years. In my garage I have 3 ADJ Fog Storm 1200, used to own a FS 1700, and 2 Martin Magnum 2000. Sold off the 1700, only 1 of the 3 1200 work, the other 2 are taken apart and troubleshooting. One had a defective float in the tank, had to order another tank. The machine that was working died a couple days later, and not heating. Trying to determine which part is defective now.

I have pulled the ADJ machines apart multiple times to fix issues, and even when they worked, one would pump properly, while one would stuggle with a less than perfect flow of smoke.

My Martin's (Magnum 2000), well they are the tanks, the battleships, never had an issue with them, and let me tell you, you want smoke, these things put out 21,000 CuFt/Min, that's a lot of smoke. I use 2 machines because it is for outdoors and I like a lot of smoke to blanket my cemetery. Just keep in mind that each machine requires 1 full 15A circuit. I have lots of circuits, so not an issue for me. If you want reliable machines, go with Martin and you will never look back. I have not tried them, but Antari machines are also built like tanks.

Now off to troubleshooting my broken 1200....

My .02
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