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This will be the beginning of some postings of my favorite Gemmy items that I own. Read on to learn a little history, quirks about each item, and cool pictures/facts about the props. Enjoy!

The H20 Michael Myers was made during the end of Gemmy's reign of being the best store-bought prop manufacturer. His eyes, head, body, and arm move, and he plays the halloween theme. For a store bought prop, his quality is unprecedented. I wish I had his box, but the seller who I bought this from didn't have it either.
Even the speaker, which may seem cheap to some of you, has a lot of bass, and was strategically placed on the chest instead of on the base or in the head somewhere. For talking Gemmy items, that added a lot of realism.

This item was released in 2010, and was a Spirit Exclusive. I believe he was only manufactured for one year, and leftovers were sold online after. Retail price, I believe, was $299.99.

One thing that people seem to dislike about this prop is the eyes, and I agree to disagree. While in the light of a normal room they may seem odd or completely unnecessary, I think the illusion is that you are staring into the blackness/darkness of evil. In low light, the effect of pitch-black holes in the eyes is amplified. One thing to note is if you were to shine a bright light at Michael in the complete darkness, his eyes reflect the light in a way that mimics a nocturnal animal. Combine this effect with the fact that the eyes move- and you have a very creepy effect.

I think the engineers at Gemmy rushed the final model of this guy, as there were many more prototypes of this item compared to other famous lifesizes of theirs. The arms are known to start clicking due to the motors getting too much current after components wear out in the board. I think the Rob Zombie Myers had the same problem though. Despite this, he is still a lot more reliable than most props, and still fully works for me.
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