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As is my typical morning ritual, I was watching the morning news before work.

And, this channel does a visit a local school deal each week, and sure enough they were at some middle school somewhere in honor or Lincoln's 200th birthday.

And, all these kids had these art projects, they're talking to the kids about all these art projects they made about Abraham Lincoln.

Here's a water color, here's a sculpture, here's a ginger bread log cabin...

I'm getting my things together, not really paying attention.

"And what do you have here?"


I look up, sure enough, there's a tombstone reading "Here lies Abe".

"Why did you make a tombstone?"

"My parents thought it would be funny."

Alright, fess up, who's kid was it? Made my morning.

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Too funny,love it ! only problem is schools & a lot of teachers don't have a sense of humor anymore......
i think it's against some religion to be funny or promote death type things in a public school........ :rolleyes:
Funny thing,in Jr high in ceramics class i got into trouble because my project was several cut off fingers-bone & blood,
my mom didn't understand what they were upset about when she had to come in to talk to the teacher & principle.
Guess that's were i got my sense of humor from. She told them that if they didn't like it,that maybe i should give my teacher (a) finger next time ........ :D

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LOL oh man... awesome kid!

Yeah... funny how schools aren't allowed to have humor or christianty and christmas parties or halloween parties... but its ok to openly talk to the students about sex and hear the kids cuss all day long without any teachers telling them to stop...
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