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(Almost) Everything must go!

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Okay fellow haunters, you've seen my album pages... You know what I have stashed in the basement. It pains me to say it, but hubby and I will be moving to Ohio in 2017 and will have no TOTers. So between now and then, almost everything must go.

If you're in driving distance to DC, you're in luck! If you're not, say hello to my little friend Mr. UPS. What I have uncovered so far in the basement is listed on CL in Cheverly, MD. Just search for Halloween Prop in Cheverly and the ads will pop right up. Disregard the prices, if you're interested, PM me and offer me a reasonable price (along with your mailing address) and we'll discuss. Also, if you see anything in particular on my album pages, PM me with an offer. The only life-sized props we are definitely keeping are the Count and my GID Bucky (don't even bother, I turned down a $1K offer already)!

If you want the tombstones and need them to be shipped, I have a box large enough to send all but the tallest one. Pay the shipping, plus $50 and they're all yours.

The dog and cat Buckies both have their original packaging, so could be shipped. The dog is bulky tho, so it'll be expensive (he's about the size of a Labrador!).

Yard Backyard Tree House Lighting

Purple Violet Long hair Textile
Black plywood coffin with glass table top, plus latex dead guy = $450, pick up only

Mirror Door Room Molding Wood
Doorframe = $375, pick up only

Head Sculpture Skeleton Joint Caterpillar
Numbvoid = $100, plus shipping

Skeleton Extinction Terrestrial animal Dinosaur Fossil

Wood Art Statue Carving Door
Anyone need an outhouse?
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