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Just in time for Halloween I've finally published the last two Episodes of Rose's Haunted Graveyard to my You Tube channel The Last Wanderer of Mars. Rose's Haunted Graveyard is an eleven part series I made chronicling the creation of our very first home haunt back in 2012. Fairly simple and highly dependent on Scareactors, this first outing was wildly successful and the basis for everything we've done with the grave yard since. It begins with Episode One: Elements.

Then the show continues with Factory of Fears: Triple Threat, which contains Episodes two, three and four.

After that, on The Last Wanderer of Mars, you'll find Episode Five: Saw; Episode Six: Finishing Touches; Seven: Transformation; Eight: First Victims; Nine: Carving Pumpkins; Ten: Nightfall; and Eleven: Trick or Treat.

I'm actually very proud of this work, and I hope you like it. While you're at The Last Wanderer of Mars, check out my other videos, too. And if you like them, subscribe.
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