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All Hallows eve approaches soon,
October nights and harvest moon,
Wizards, Ghosts and witches brooms.
The evil ones rejoice from tombs,
A celebration for the dead,
To rise up from their graves instead,
Of being held below the earth,
To join us in their yearly search.

You Trick or Treat, from door to door,
You fill your bags, you ask for more,
Your costumes and your many masks,
Hide you all as you walk past,
Another group of ghastly ghouls,
That lurks among you joyful fools.

You ventured out into this night,
Not knowing horrors, untold fright,
That will befall you if you fail,
To realize what I know well,
The dead will walk with you this night,
With peering eyes that give them sight,
Your soul to steal, your soul to sell to those that guard the gates of Hell.

So remember this come Halloween,
Your pumpkins carved your costumes clean,
That those among you may not be a LIVING face for you too see.

Take care my friends, stay out of sight,
Enjoy yourself, indulge in fright,
But watch your back,
Or you just might,
Walk with the dead next Hallows night!!
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