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All Goody's Stores in the Knoxville, TN area closing/selling

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They're selling literally everything in the stores, right down to shopping carts and cash registers.

The sale just began here so they're still asking $150 for headless mannequins but we picked up three large commercial quality strong clothing racks (for costume storage) for only $60. ($30 each, buy 2-get one free)
I'm certain that their price on stuff will drop week to week to come.

They're selling the small shopping carts for only $30 each. I know that sounds like an odd item but when you're dragging tools and such around the yard (wire, wire cutter, electric scisors, stapler, staples, plastic ties, hammer, etc), it sure would be better than having scads of plastic grocery bags with stuff in them scattered about the yard like we've been doing in the past.