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Its my turn to make the pinata this year for the H-ween party. I went with an "Alien Egg" for the ease of the shape and the fact I thought it would be different from other years.

I used a large punch ball balloon for the base being needed a larger frame than a regular balloon. At it's center circumference it is 46" around. Circumference top to bottom because its more of an oval shape is 52" around.

The cone shape (dark green) is a 14" framework of masking tape and duct tape. The cone is a shielding for a 16" piece of 4" pvc pipe. I also hot glued card board egg crate pieces to make the nobbies all over it. Painted the whole thing up with acrylic paints, a sludge wash for weathering and a nice webbing of hunter green puffy paint.

Questions and comments welcome, Marc V.
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