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Alert: Instructors Needed for Online Class

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Greetings Fellow Halloween Prop Builders,

May 1st the next online class here at the Halloween Forum will be starting. We are getting things in order right now & hope to have a materials list posted soon for those of you that want to join us. Meanwhile we are in search of instructors as we have taken a list of suggested projects from members.

The Instructors need to have the time to teach the project, to answer questions from the students as we progress along & also need to be able to post pictures so we have a better view of what we are making & doing. Please if you feel you can give us a hand please post your name in this section & the project you could teach. Perhaps you even have something to offer that is not posted here.

monster in a box or coffin
wooden coffin
flying crank ghost>>>lots of votes
3 axis talking skull>>>>lots of votes
peppers ghost>>>>lots of votes
axworthy ghost>>>>lots of votes
non-pneumatic grave grabber
trash can guy
surprise drop down sensored prop
reapers from PVC & chicken wire
how to drape & work with monster mud
floating projects using different things that we can make float across the room

we also have projects still lined up that have instructors already from the poll.

also we are looking for small craft projects that can run simultaneously while these other projects are running.

Thank You

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What is the time frame on the MIB, Coffin, trash can guy? or is it the teachers choice? Sorry I havent followed the previous thread but maybe able to help with one of these.
Hi Muffy, What is the next project scheduled for May 1st? Do you have a list of projects now lined up and approx when they will be taught? Besides the materials list, do you also list tools required for building the prop? I might be interested in helping out instructing/teaching a prop.
Slightlymad - We are just looking for instructors to start any of the above mentioned projects. The next project is suppose to be Herman Secret & I am trying to get a hold of him right now. He was the #2 poll winner in Dec.. If you are willing to teach any of the projects we will be happy to set you up to run simultaneously with him. This last time we ran 2 projects at once one being a craft item & the other a bit harder.

So please if you feel you can help us that would be great. We list a materials list April 1st or sooner & i will tell you where to post your project as Larry has set aside a space for us. Then the students have 30 days to get their materials & tools & then May 1st the class starts. If you look in the tutorial section & scroll way to the top above the stickys you will find a halloween prop building section>>>>thats us. If you look in there look over project 1 & you will see how the instructor goes about teaching with instructions & pictures. Please let me know if you are interested......just saw this in your post there......yes you can pick the project you would like to teach.

The Pod - The next 2 projects starting May 1st are a Ground Breaker Coffin & Terra will do her Beloved Tombstone if there are enough people interested in the class. We had talked over her tombstone because the project before her was also a tombstone so we were not sure if there would be enough interest in doing another tombstone but I for one think her stone is quite different from Dave's. We do have some instructors available & lined up, you can find them in the poll section where our projects are listed in the tutorial section. Since this is a new group we are still putting things together & must see how they run. Right now we are waiting for a response from the next instructor. Yes materials & tools are listed for 30 days prior to the start-up date. As far as start - up dates for projects. Eventually we would like to make this a monthly thing but it may take a little work to turning it into that. So for right now we decided to just go along with each class until everyone in that class has finished their project, so for right now we are running projects every other month or if we can find instructors we run 2 projects together. Please if you are interested in teaching let me know.

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Sorry Muffy I cant guarantee my time that far out
When are you needing Instructors for?

My line is not that great, but I can try help with what I can.

I am a professional Magician so I can help with a lot of alternate ideas and illusions. I dont have much experience with pepper's ghost but know more than enough of the basics from my books to help.

Just MM me if you would like some help.

Slightlymad.......would it work for you to teach a class May1st that we could post materials for by April 1st?

Wolflock.....I had several inquiries about that peppers ghost so if you wanted to post some guidelines please let me know & I'm sure we have quite a few that would be interested. If you have the time to do it I'll post a section for you where our projects are. Let me know!

Also wanted to post here that daddywoofdawg has offered to instruct a stirring prop like a witches cauldron or a FCG.

My concern is having the time in may and june to answer questions and be responsive
Yes Slightlymad when we have you instruct we ask that you at least post & check in for questions for the entire month your project is being made by students.

No problem. I will try get something sorted out. Only thing is that I can only help out with references, guides and typed out help. As for physical props, photos or vids. I will not be able to help with as I am in Thailand at the moment and it is not possible to get the resources that I need here.
Wolflock - I think we should just wait until you get back home here and you can contact me as soon as you do & we'll schedule you to give info at that time. Thank You so much there are quite a few that want to at least get info on this project.

As we have 2 projects lined up I will leave it up to you members of the group if you want to just go with these 2 or try to schedule another one also. Speaking for myself I am going to try to make both projects & seeing how we don't have a whole lot of great props at our house, I would imagine that if there is another project posted , I'll want to make that too. I know the witch's cauldron is something I need too but taking on 3 projects is a bit much $$$$$$$.

So your choice my friends........should we just go with the ground breaker & the beloved tombstone or should we add one more project?

Good point. Pepper's ghost is not the cheapest of illusions to build, especially if you want to create something on the lines of "the blue room". You should be able to find a vid of that illusion on youtube. Brilliant variation on pepper's ghost.

Difficult thing is when I will be home with enough time. I will be back n my country in Dec but only for a short time before I a off to Perform on the Cruise ships in the US.

Wolflock....please keep me posted & we will do your project whenever you feel you have the time. I know many of the members are interested in this project & anything you can offer would be of great help.

No Problem. Will Do. If anyone does need a few ideas and such without needing vids or pic, just send a PM and I will help with what I can.
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