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I have a few items that im looking to sell, they require someone local to Albany, NY.

I have a large speaker 18in great for base, has a cross over installed for the large tweeter installed in it. Head wooden box, has speakon connection on the back. 50$

I have a small 2 post cube shaped rack that is great for stereo gear and mounting other equipment. can fit several amps or computers. 30$

I have a Bogen MT250D Distributed Audio amplifier, with a bunch of the transformers to connect any speaker to the system, this allows 2 wires to run sound to an entire house or yard, great for atmosphere audio. 150$

I also have a fairly large amount of pnumatic hose that would be good for connecting stuff up. 20$

All to heavy to ship reasonable. so local pick up, I travel as far as kingston NY on weekends, so some arrangements could be make.
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