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No, I just built the mechanical part.for now. My strips of clothe are still packed in the attic. But all I did was nail the same string ( like you would use for your garden ) on top of some 2x4's. I ran it back and fourth in a Jacobs Ladder, and tied the strips of clothe about 5 inches apart. I used random lenghts. That way you have to push your way through it. I cover it with black plastic and have heavy Black material to form curtains on each end. Then I just use low light when you come out. That way if 3 or 4 people are in there , they don't see anything as the first person exits. If the video you can hear my little Senco trim compressor running. But I have a big compressor that is away from all my props. So when these come on all you hear is the pssss air sound. Then you feel the air as they slap you. Those rubber tubes pulling across your skin and the air blowing in your face and hair, is a creepy feeling. It really worked better the I expected. Dave in the Grave said I better hand out goggles. But I think I'll take them to the next m&t and let him feel feel them. After dealing with the public at work , my whole life. I wouldn't take chances with any thing, I thought would harm anyone. They are simple to make and cheap. I''l see if I can get a picture of the line on to day.
I noticed in the video you had to rub your eye. Think of the public and how this may affect someone. You don't want to lose everything. SAFETY SAFETY!!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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