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If it is a Minions Web cob web gun, Harbor freight has an 4 gallon pancake compressor rated at [email protected] psi which is often on sale for under 100 bucks.

If you have one locally this is a great buy.

Also check our list on MinionsWeb.com under Cob Webber FAQs - I must say that I need to update the links - but the first section has a number of viable choices.
Minions Web

I should say, our list is under the premise of using a high efficiency webber like we manufacture, that only runs on 60PSI or less.
The others use 100+PSI and will need higher minimum cfm values typically at [email protected] or higher.

If you think you may wantto get into air props later you should consider spending more now and buying a larger compressor (bigger tank, greater CFM output) that will fill your needs in the future.
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