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Air Cannons and Air Horn Blasters for sale

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Hello all!

In addition to Air Cannons, I am proud to announce the addition of a Air Horn Blaster and a manual trigger to complete your props for those who choose not to use a prop controller. I sold 18 of the air cannons last year and all purchasers reported they where happy with there purchases. My own air cannons functioned flawlessly last year and they were built the same way. Please see the attached phots for prices. Feel free to ask questions!

The Air Cannon shoots a loud blast of air at you patrons shin/ankle. Always consider your shortest possible patron and only shoot at the shin/ankle region. NEVER at any other area of the body. Anything placed in or around the end of the cannons exhaust WILL become a projectile at high velocity, protect this area from loose or falling debris, Trust me on this—do not try this at home—lol.
--The assembled kit will arrive tested and ready to finish assembly. Order or purchase tank #69716 from Harbor Freight (don't forget your 20% off coupon), take out the spout from the tank(the hardest part--seriously) and screw on assembly after adding a generous amount of Teflon tape to the threads. Even paying shipping for the tank from Harbor Freight--it's cheaper than you paying me to ship it to you as a complete unit. Shipping from harbor Freight to you $6.99. Additional cost to ship the completed unit from me $20
--The kit version takes all the work out of getting the right pieces you need. No second, third or forth visits to the hardware store or big box for the right parts. Order or purchase tank #69716 from Harbor Freight (don't forget your 20% off coupon) Cover all the exposed threads, generously, with Teflon tape and screw the parts together in the order shown in the photo. Take the spout off of your tank and screw your assembly onto you tank and you're ready. It's cheaper to buy the tanks and have it shipped from Harbor Freight to you than it would be for me to ship the tank to you.

The Air Horn Blaster sounds like a LOUD horn at up to 150db (that's louder than a jet taking off). Actors in close proximity MUST be provided ear plugs to prevent damage to the ears. This is intended to be used in short blasts. Air Horn Blasters are not available in a kit version.

The Manual Prop Trigger. Is simply a push button momentary switch in a small project box. Push the switch down and your prop activates. Let off the switch and it stops. It's switch is more than adequate for the voltage and amperage of the Air Cannon or Air Horn Blaster. The trigger comes with 15 feet of wire. Directions to finish wiring your prop will be included. Special requests to complete the wiring for you at no additional cost(the only reason for me not doing this is to allow you flexibility for you to run the wire the way you want). Longer lengths of wire available for additional cost.

I am offering these as a convenience to those who either don't want to build themselves or lack time to do so. They are not difficult to build and plans are on line. You are saving approximately $50 on the Air Cannon and approximately $120 on the Air Horn Blaster over best price I could find on these from haunt vendors. If you would rather buy from an established haunt vendor with similar items, let me know and I will provide you the links.

Quantity discounts on non-tank items. The tanks are just too large/heavy to offer a discount as they must be shipped separately.

Pneumatics CAN BE dangerous. Your new props will be shipped on 0psi (or the off position), start out slow and test and adjust for your desired effect. Both the Air Cannon and the Air Horn Blaster have regulators for this purpose!

I'm not an English major—pardon the poor grammar and typos! Tanks (get it tanks—air tanks) for looking!