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Ahoy Pirates! Davy Jones heart in chest prop (last minute make!)

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I always tend to do this, party is on Friday and I get last minute idea so out comes the craft box again! I had seen a Zombie heart costume prop whilst shopping (for £20) and thought I could do this for my Pirates party and make it a Davy Jones heart. I have to admit, I should of took photos of it 'in the making' but I wasn't too sure it would work, and after several attempts with balloons and different materials all epic fails, I finally had the idea that I used. I will try to explain how I did it as best I can, the chest it is in is just made from a cereal box, it still needs some more paintwork, but gives you the idea here's the video of it working:


I started this by destroying my Daughters teddy bear (with her permission) which when you squeeze it, it lights up and has a heartbeat motion.
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My Daughter is a teenager now and didn't want it, she has never actually used it anyway and it still had the 'try me' cord on. I took off all the fabric so I was left with the light up moving box, I also realized that it would only work when you cuddled the bear so I left the 'try me' cord on as you just press a small button for it to work for so many seconds.


I had an old red thin latex glove that was from a devil costume, this was ideal as it already had wrinkles etc on and was light enough to see the light through, so I cut the ends with the fingernails on off to just leave what look like the tubes that connect the heart to the body, I put the box from the bear inside the glove and secured the wrist end together with an elastic band. I then cut an empty PVA glue container up to just below halfway and stuck the glove (wrist part down) inside the container with the hand part facing up just to give it something to stand in. I then gave it a coat of red acrylic paint to make it a bit shiny, and added some dark lines and effects. I then stuffed the finger parts with tissue paper to make them stick out, and bent some of them and made some smaller than others, I then glued on a piece of 'Cheerio' cereal, painted it red and black to make it look like the end of the tube where they had been cut off from the body. I also used some of the fingers from the other glove to add more tubes. (The glove I have shown is grey but same sort of thing as used)

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I made the chest from a cereal box, put the heart in and just surrounded it with dark green bags to hide the stand. I put a small hole in the back of the chest and threaded the 'Try Me' wire through it. The idea been that when I show this to people they will lift the lid and I will press the button, which they won't see, and the heart will start.

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I think it's pretty good for no cost, as always I welcome any comments or ideas for improvement :)


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You my friend are very creative. I wanted a beating heart for my pirates collection but just couldn't locate anything. I settled for the color changing one at spirit. There was an old beating heart toy I found a video of but that toy I could not locate. Wish I had one. This is very cool.
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