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Ahoy Matey's! Callin' all Pirate Spookers!

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Well, I ran to Goodwill for my weekly treasure hunt.

Came across this little dandy at the bottom of a pile of crap. It's small, but it's pretty heavy! It's cast iron. I guess it was bank cuz it has a slot on the top on one side, and the bottom is open. The rubber stopper on the bottom is missing - if you were doing the pirate theme - it would fit on top of something maybe....or sit on a shelf???

Here's the pics, sorry they are a little grainy - it measures approx 2.25" tall :

View attachment 6718

View attachment 6719

View attachment 6720

I'd gladly ship it for free, to a good home!! :D I thought of my HF buddies when I saw it!

Happy October!
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