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aging glass?

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Hi! ok so browsing through here, i'm definitely going to need a bigger kitchen and bathroom for all of the potion bottles you guys have inspired me to make :D
i was wondering if you guys could help me brainstorm how to age new glass? i have lots and lots of bottles i've found at yard sales this summer, but most of them have shiny new glass and it's really not the look i'm going for. I love "sick" glass- glass that's so old it's mottled white and dull. i have tried flat white paint, diluted flat white paint, but it just doesn't look right. I'm going to try the glass etching stuff next with a sea sponge, i'll be sure to report back on how that works. any other ideas? they don't all have to be white...grungy, dirty looking glass would work too. any thoughts?
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Old jars

I worked on a few smaller jars I happened to have laying around and here are the results.

Blank jars:

View attachment 5761

Here are the finished jars:

View attachment 5762

Some small beakers I also "aged":

View attachment 5763

From left to right, these are the steps I used to age my jars. I had various results and opinions of each.

Jar 1: I used diluted black acrylic craft paint (just mixed with water) and swished around. I would let it dry and do it again until I got results I wanted. Don't think I like this one much. :(

Jar 2: I dripped white candle wax to give it some depth in areas but figure this won't matter if you are going to burn a candle in it. Then took some black paint and dribbled it down the sides.

Jar 3: I put Elmer's glue on the outside of the jar and let dry. I then took dark brown acrylic craft paint, watered it down. I got a medium sized bushy brush and let it soak up the pain then dribbled all down the jar and let dry.

Jar 4: I did the same as #3 except I splattered the inside with dark blue and red paint before the steps in #3.

For both beakers I used the same process as in Jar 3 and used a mix of black, green and red for the darker beaker. I think this is the process I like best :) although I think I need to find a way to seal it. Not sure how since the glue moves when you get it wet again.

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Ironically, one of our 3 cats (the all black one...go figure :rolleyes: ) jumped up on my counter knocking off all but the two brown ones that I liked. What are the chances of that??

Been wanting to try a few other ideas but with so much to do I've been doing a little of this and a little of that everywhere.
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