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aging glass?

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Hi! ok so browsing through here, i'm definitely going to need a bigger kitchen and bathroom for all of the potion bottles you guys have inspired me to make :D
i was wondering if you guys could help me brainstorm how to age new glass? i have lots and lots of bottles i've found at yard sales this summer, but most of them have shiny new glass and it's really not the look i'm going for. I love "sick" glass- glass that's so old it's mottled white and dull. i have tried flat white paint, diluted flat white paint, but it just doesn't look right. I'm going to try the glass etching stuff next with a sea sponge, i'll be sure to report back on how that works. any other ideas? they don't all have to be white...grungy, dirty looking glass would work too. any thoughts?
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2 ways i can think of,

put a small amount of clorox bleach in the bottle and shake it up...let it drip down the inside and let it dry to make a milky coating...wait till that coat is dry and give the bottle a light shake and let it drip again... with the combination of drying and natural evaporation you will not need to por out the excess...

if you want something less toxic...try doing the same thing with a water and elmers glue solution.

if you do try it let me know how it gos
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