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Capt o' the Mourning Star
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The "Mourning Star"

Ship's Log: After Action Report (Or known amongst us Pirates as the "AAR" report:)!

Date: 31 November, 2008

Captain "One Eyed" ****

Well Halloween is over and done now. At the end of the night we had over 100 TOT's come visit the "Mourning Star". A great time was had by all!!!! Last year we only got about a dozen kids, so I am super happy with the turnout. The best part was that the rain stopped and that was a huge deal for us.

This year was my first real large Halloween display. As some may know, in the last four weeks, I built a the bow of a pirate ship off of the front deck of my house. I think it turned out pretty nice, if I say so myself. I had such a fun time building it with my family. The neighbors pitched in with donated materials and some great suggestions that worked out well. I really enjoyed talking to all the people that stopped by as I was putting the display together.

We fired up the torches and turned on the green flood lights every night for the past two weeks. It was great to see people in their cars either slowing down or stopping to look at our display. There have been several people that even took pictures. Many of those that I talked to said that our set up looked right out of the Disney POTC ride and/or movie. that made me feel pretty good. I had set up a section of my driveway as a viewing/photo area and it was used quite a bit by the visitors. We had a bunch of folks tell us that our place was the best they had seen in the whole city and that was a great to hear.

I think what really set the display up right was the addition of the fog machine that I set up behind the bow of the ship. I had built the bow out of redwood bender board and netting type fabric and it turned out great. The fog would seep right through the bow and it looked real spooky like a ghost ship.

My lovely bride was able to break away from work tonight to come home and help "Man the ship" and I also had my daughter and her boyfriend here helping out at part of the "Crew". The first TOT that showed up dressed as a pirate got a special pirate "Booty" bag with treats and treasures and she also got to come on deck and have here picture taken on the "Set". There were a couple of other TOT's that came dressed as pirates that we let come aboard and have their pictures taken on deck too. All in all it was a great night for us.

So even though I am beat, I am thinking of ideas to add to next years set!

Happy Halloween one and all!!!!!!!!!

"One Eyed" ****

Going bump in the night..
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All said and done, we ended up with more ToT'ers than I had really anticipated (about 420 to 430)...

And the real Treat for me this evening was a visit from Buckaneerbabe and Buckaneerdude from this forum!!! They stopped by, saw my little haunt, and I was grinning ear to ear the entire time - I hated to let them go!

...and yes indeed, I'm already plotting out improvements and changes for next year...was a wonderful evening!
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