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Last year I made my first large prop (the one in my profile picture). I made a rookie mistake and glued the pvc structure together using heavy duty glue, I didn't realize the weight it was going to have to hold. Yes I know stupid me lesson learned. The glue held the pvc together really well until I moved. We are military and moved across country and my dragon didn't like the move, only minor fixes needed for the outer body.

My problem... The PVC pipes are no longer held together there are at least three elbows so I cannot just pull out the PVC and bolt them together. What I am pretty sure I have to do but really really don't want to do is cut him open attempt to bolt/screw (or something) the pvc pipes together and then attempt to close him up and touch up.
My uncle suggested I just fiberglass the outside of his body so I won't even need to have the pvc pipe. I have never used fiberglass before, I also never made a prop before this one and that came out pretty well (IMO) besides the dumb moment where I decided to glue PVC together.
Some one else suggested I find someone who does home insulation and see if they would spray foam the inside, well I don't know anyone and i'm not paying $600 for a massive foaming gun lol.

Any one have any ideas? or should I quit my whining and just cut him open already.

thank you for your time and help

here are some pictures from when I built it. Art
Dinosaur Jaw Sculpture Skeleton Fictional character
Sculpture Green Statue Art Plant

It's pronounced "Fronkensteen."
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how about "micros surgery" just drill/cut a small access hole to the point you need to reinforce, then put your screws in and patch up the small hole. this way no big cutting and everything is easily hidden. also, some hardware stores have the expandable foam in a box for large projects, of buy a bunch of the small cans and do it yourself.
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