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Advice for skeletal hand coming out of ground holding heavy glass bottle

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I have a really cool Carpano Antical bottle that looks like a pirate's rum bottle. I'm working on a pirate-themed graveyard and I want to have an arm, coming out of the ground, holding the bottle as if it drinking. So the arm would be at an angle, and would need to support itself and the weight of the bottle.

I'm a little stumped. Maybe I could make an arm using a rubber glove/cement and embed rebar in it? I would like the arm to be more skeletal...

TIA for the advice.
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Add some ripped up cloth like it was a shirt sleeve back before decay set in. I mean, your pirate wasn't buried in the nude, was he? Some fabric scraps make perfect sense. Then, spray paint your rebar a color that matches the arm, zip tie the arm to it, and drape the ripped cloth artistically to cover up where the rebar is most obvious (securing with dabs of glue).

Good luck!
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