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Craigslist you can count on the following"
1. no shows
2. fake e-mails and texts asking for your name and address.
3. e-mails and text asking if it is still available.**ad is up still available in ad
4. people asking you to meet half way..(in my state the whole state can be traversed in under and hour)..and then don't show.
5. people asking you to hold items..and never show.
6. people offering half of what you are asking for items.
7. if they just cut and paste some of your ad with nothing else..it's fake
8. always have pictures and size if possible.
9. always have customers call you first before coming to buy items.
10. look at the number when they call..most instates are somewhat legit..almost all out of state numbers..can be cranks over the computer calling.
hope some of this helps..I've been buying and selling on craigs lists for years
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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