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As a buyer, I search "Halloween" and when I do a national "Halloween Props"
After 2-3 days, posters may repost to put back on the top of by date.
I suggest remove old listing (especially if price change)
Do I have to take all of your lot or will you well one or two items out of a lot. (I may already have the Harvester or only want it!).
Follow up with me. I've been told "thank you" for showing up, many call, set time and never call to cancel, leaving you waiting.
Try to go to phone/text vs the Craigslist e-mails, starts to become more personal. But don't tell me ONLY one type of communication accepted.
Prices firm? The more I buy the better the price?
If I think prices are too high, I don't contact until I see the item still available a week or 2 later, I DON"T want to be the first to say prices are too high.
(Yours are okay, but not great. A $350 lot (the 4 pcs lot) is out of a lot of home decorators budgets. That said, I was at an auction Tuesday and Halloween props went for crazy monies (IMHO), so you never known. Its a question of NEED cash now, just need the space, need the maximum amount of cash or just need it gone!
My gut tells me Halloween Yard sale could be the best, but May be tool late for you.
No shipping Set time to customers to show up Can adjust prices to sell or hold for another day or drop prices until its gone.
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