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Advice for Selling Halloween Items on Craigslist? For Sale in Sterling Heights, MI

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I have many Halloween products that I pretty much need to sell as quickly as possible. I have them grouped in lots (mostly large) and am asking very fair prices, in my opinion. I thought that this would be a good time of the year to post them, although I may have been wrong to wait this long (was aiming for early September, but I missed the mark:rolleyes:). I have normally dealt with eBay, so this is my first time using Craigslist. I know that many members purchase goods from off of CL, but how many sell on there? Any luck with your items? Have you ever gotten screwed by parties who seemed interested? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Here are my listings, if anyone is in Michigan and interested (or willing to make the drive): http://detroit.craigslist.org/search/sss?userid=271075380
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I have sold on CL also and price is a huge factor if you want them gone fast the prices have to come down.
If I was looking for Halloween at your adds I would pass cause of the price ( no offence just giving you advice is all )
If you have time to sell then you could leave them as is and see if you do get any takers :)
good luck with the sale
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