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Advice for quick or profitable craigslist sales?

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Mods, please move if this is in the wrong forum. I'm looking for some stories/advice about selling decorations/props on craigslist. Every year I sell about 5-15 items from my collection locally on craigslist in order to fund new purchases. There seems to be no real rhyme or reason, in my experience, to what people are interested in buying. I've sold crappy $1 garage sale monster hands, $5 furry spiders, and even $20 masks instantly while cooler props/masks get zero offers. I realize pricing things well is part of the issue, but I'm wondering if others have found particular types of decorations or props sell better or worse locally. Most people on craigslist are out to get a deal. And it seems that bundling items together helps. I'd like to pick out the best pieces to sell from my storage unit this year. So anyone have experiences or advice they'd like to impart?
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Problem with Ebay, and I sell a lot there, is they and Paypal rip you, the seller off! 13% gone from your final sales to those thieves! If only so many potential buyers were elsewhere!
And that's charged on the shipping too. I've had people make low offers on ebay and wrote them back that after paying shipping and ebay/Paypal fees, I would be money ahead if I just tossed the item in the trash.
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