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Advice for quick or profitable craigslist sales?

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Mods, please move if this is in the wrong forum. I'm looking for some stories/advice about selling decorations/props on craigslist. Every year I sell about 5-15 items from my collection locally on craigslist in order to fund new purchases. There seems to be no real rhyme or reason, in my experience, to what people are interested in buying. I've sold crappy $1 garage sale monster hands, $5 furry spiders, and even $20 masks instantly while cooler props/masks get zero offers. I realize pricing things well is part of the issue, but I'm wondering if others have found particular types of decorations or props sell better or worse locally. Most people on craigslist are out to get a deal. And it seems that bundling items together helps. I'd like to pick out the best pieces to sell from my storage unit this year. So anyone have experiences or advice they'd like to impart?
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I'd cross-pollinate if you've got real good stuff. Don't think Craigslist as that great for really nice stuff anyway.

We have a for sale section on here, there's also our sister site Haunt Forum's sales section, and you should check out NextDoor and OfferUp for selling as well. Listing it in many different places is good to get the widest audience. Especially if you hit up the Halloween sites like here and Haunt Forum because these places are more likely to have a higher concentration of folks that REALLY want good props and be willing to pay for them.

Definitely group things for sale. Sell in lots if you have similar items. And totally agree on lots of photos. Could even add a link to a short video if you don't mind setup and recording one for the really cool animatronics. Seeing it working may be a great sales tactic and assurance that the prop still does work the way it is supposed to.

LOTS of keywords. I'd put in everything I could think of to get the listings to show up well.
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