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adding sound to static props

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I'm pretty new to making electronics for my props. Ive made led stuff before but thats about it. Im interested in adding a speaker with a motion sensor on one of my grim reapers so that when someone walks by, he greets them with a scary voice. Just want him to say a quick greeting, nothing elaborate. Any pointers on what i should use to record the sound and play it along with a motion sensor i could use?
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Heh, you guys must be made of money if you use those on more than one or two props.

Try this:


These little guys are ridiculously easy to hack and even come with batteries. There is a link in the comments section on the product that'll take you to all the hacks. Basically for 4 bucks (the device is only 2 bucks, but you'll wanna buy two jacks and some resistors which will add up to around 1.50) you'll have a self-contained 30 second voice recorder with EVERYTHING you need. As for activation, applying a little voltage to the play button will start playback.

I love these little things, bought 5 of em. Halloween is getting really close but if I have time I'll make a write-up regarding some of the things you can do with them.
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