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Adding Realism

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So are you doing anything to add realism to your haunt this year?

If so add the items which will add realism to the thread..

We are adding a cockroach colony.

We're actually breeding the roaches as food for a chameleon but they will be a nice addition to add creepiness to our display.
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Well that definitely adds some realism as well as an "eek" factor for me! Ha ha!
I can't say that we really add anything "real" in this way, but I try to make our cemetery more realistic looking by using fake flowers that I paint to look decayed or wilting. And we made our cemetery fencing with the goal of making it look realistic but decrepit. I also like to use cut branches & tree limbs from our yard to help fill in boundary lines or add spooky shadows.

I'm sure your TOTers will be thrilled with your cockroaches! Are you going to light them in a certain way? Maybe a sick green glow would look cool!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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