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Adding Realism

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So are you doing anything to add realism to your haunt this year?

If so add the items which will add realism to the thread..

We are adding a cockroach colony.

We're actually breeding the roaches as food for a chameleon but they will be a nice addition to add creepiness to our display.
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LOL Ok, I have to admit when I opened this thread I wasn't expecting something that real. I stared at the picture for a minute trying to figure out how you did it before I read on that they are actually real. So how do you plan on displaying these things without them crawling about? in a jar or container of some sort I suppose...yuck lol

I do have some crittters of my own but no where near this level of commitment !!

Insect Pest Invertebrate Spider Arachnid

edited to add: that is just chocolate and cool whip on the plate I just smeared a little to make it look used.
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