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acid spitter

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I only have used one air powered prop. I used an 11 gal air tank set to about 50psi. I was able to get a night out of it. I think the tank was rated at either 120-150 psi

But I was looking a a spitter prop.
this thing uses like 100psi.
I was thinking the air tank wouldnt work well with this prop and i would need a compressor.

those compressors are so loud. And they draw alot of amps.

any advice?
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Oil filled compressors run a bit quieter than what I believe are reed air compressors. They kind of chug along! I keep my air compressor away from the action on Halloween by using a nice long air hose. As far as amps go, I have no idea, I plug it straight in to a 110!
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