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Aceitup1011 Fog Thread

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Hi !
So I'm really excited this Halloween! !
I just bought a fog machine this year and can't wait to use it, now I did tons of reading, tons of googling, and researching....I have a few questions
Now I'm going with the trash barrel and dryer hose set up. I've seen some people drill holes in the tubing...yay or nay?
Second...frozen water bottles or ice? ...both? Salt no salt?
How about ice packs?
I was thinking of getting some heavy duty trash bags to hold the ice/water bottles for easy cleanup?

This is all trial and error, learn new things apply them over time.

Another idea I have that I think will work great is to use this container(with air right lid) I have that's approx: L 14" x W 10" x 2" deep. So running the dryer hose to this container then cutting a slit across the front of the container.
Here's the kicker...putting some ice packs in the container to further cool down the fog.

If my machine can't pump through all this I do have a small 4" computer fan ill use to help pull the fog through

Thanks for putting up with me in advance :)
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There's the link to my chiller...that white bucket has ice packs in it and I haven't put ice in the actual chiller yet...should be pretty sweet. Was thinking of putting in a towel in the white bucket to help with condensation from the ice packs and possibly in tube where the machine connect s, just a thought
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