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I haven't built this type of prop, but if it was me, I'd use either a wired light that plugs in, or a battery operated light.

They now make the strobing and/or color changing pumpkin lights that operate off of batteries and usually run around $4.

Pumpkin Masters | Lighting

You also could get a string of flashing x-mas lights (although the strings are now available as "halloween light strings") and put the whole string inside and plug it in. If you put it on blinking, you'd probably get a fire effect.

I've used this type of light strand (Flicker Flame String Lights with clear glass bulbs Dark Green Wire $11.99 set) for my witch's wood fire, and it looks just like a fire if you hide the bulbs themselves - so it would probably work well inside a pumpkin head.

(and this wasn't a stupid question! ;) )

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Well, I couldn't figure it out and I SHOULD have known the answer. It just eluded me. lol I tried to use the battery operated tea lights last year but you couldn't even tell anything was in there lol It was just too small for that huge pumpkin!

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I use work lights with an orange or yellow fluorescent insect bulb. The bowl helps reflect the light up and the fluorescent bug bulb stays nice and cool - and doesn't attract bugs!


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I light my pumpkins with a colored 25 watt bulb. I just buy a light socket for a couple bucks,a cheap extension cord and make my own light. The pumpkins light up very nicely and you only have to plug and go.

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I've taken to going really cheap. I snag the single candle christmas lights after season when they are 75% off. At that price I don't mind breaking them apart for the wiring part that I really want.

Light up pretty well for such a small bulb also.

They also have those at the dollar store year round for a buck or two... if you wouldn't be able to wait till january :)
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