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A wrecked car body,a worn out wheelbarrow

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Some used steel cable,a piece of used steel conduit, a radio tower,a Candy Store sign...all came together over these last two days.
To liven-up my backyard maze (made from 43 used steel doors from a low-income housing Apts.)
The old radio tower mast is triangular welded steel tubing (1960s?) Very strong! I used these two pieces to bridge the span from my tower to the maze wall not only to hold up the roof I would put on it, but to also hold up the Creature I made. A 100 year old door went down first across the laid out radio tower beams with the plastic Candy Store sign on top of it to shed rain.
The old wheel barrow wheel and axle were still spinning so I removed and re-manufactured it ,shortened it mounted it to the tower wall. The steel conduit fed the steel cable to the wheel (Tire removed) ,I will be standing behind the steel door wall on an elevated platform pulling the end of the steel cable to make the Chrysler "rubber" front end (damaged when a deer was hit,it bent the plastic body piece) This white,rubbery plastic shell is smooth curving and didn't take too much work to make it highly resemble a SHARK!
I positioned the "pull" of the cable from one side of the Shark so his head would be swinging-turning towards them as they round the blind corner,then I pull the cable at the right moment and he bucks his head up and them lunges forward in a downward pose,all contained behind the steel Apt.doors after I cut them to make an opening for Sharky.
He does not actually invade their space. Just lunges toward the "window",and back.
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An Ex-wife recently posted on Facebook:"You are Still building displays after all these years?'"
I guess she still hasn't got a clue. (she was only here for a mere 7 years.) hahaha!
I guess some will never get what you're bringing to the world.
I was a fan of yours even before I officially joined HF (I lurked from Aug 2003 until I joined Jan 2004) - I have always looked forward to whatever was "next" from you (creations and stories, both).
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