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A word about keeping inventory

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I have to mention something that I have learned from doing this for almost 10 years now.
When I first started, I didnt have that many props.
Now I take up an entire storage room and another shed.
Keep inventory!!!!
I am starting on new props and I have discovered that I am missing stuff.
I use rubber made tubs to store stuff.
This year I am going to get stick on labels and write down everything that is in the tub. It is going to take more time storing stuff away but right now I am suffering because I have no idea where things are. I have about 30 tubs and it is a pain to look through all of them for one mask.
Just venting!!!!!
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I agree that it's important to start some kind of organized storage plan. We've only had a house for a few years now and that's pretty much when I started on Halloween and already it's getting unwieldy. I'm in this process right now of inventorying. Halloween all over my living room and dining room. Storage bins everywhere. Driving my non-halloween husband up the wall. I'll be doing something very similar with camera, computer and printouts. Recently bought several large binders that I can put prop ideas into, haunt scene plans and probably my inventory list also so I have a hard copy it (I still find it advantageous sometimes to lay in bed and look through printed material). Binder pages (with reinforced circles) can easily be reorganized also. I use a Mac, and iPhoto is a great tool for organizing albums of photos and doing printouts. The iPhone works seamlessly with it to import photos. This has all been a real boost for me since I'm looking for easy solutions and don't want to fuss.

For props like rats and crows, I'm finding it easier to store them in Sterilite (prefer over Rubbermaid storage) under-the-bed long containers so that they are pretty much one animal deep and easy to see. We recently bought four giant tubs on wheels to store items that aren't super heavy. We live in an area where we get close to freezing and summers reach 90s and 100s, but at least pretty low in moisture. I feel for those that have to contend with that also. I'm going to try to keep all my latex props stored inside the house somewhere in closets so at least the temp range doesn't fluctuate that severely. Thankfully we have a double garage for our cars and a single garage that was billed as a work area (hard to turn the car to drive it in). That's where my gargoyle, tombstones and a lot of my storage stuff will go along with lighting.
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