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A word about keeping inventory

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I have to mention something that I have learned from doing this for almost 10 years now.
When I first started, I didnt have that many props.
Now I take up an entire storage room and another shed.
Keep inventory!!!!
I am starting on new props and I have discovered that I am missing stuff.
I use rubber made tubs to store stuff.
This year I am going to get stick on labels and write down everything that is in the tub. It is going to take more time storing stuff away but right now I am suffering because I have no idea where things are. I have about 30 tubs and it is a pain to look through all of them for one mask.
Just venting!!!!!
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Well, I try to keep an inventory of my stuff, but every time I need something, I grab it and forget to take it off the list. (bad me!!!) so when I look for something again, I look at the list and find the box, but it's not there because I forgot to inventory it again.... and it is in some other box somewhere...

Now, if it were spread around the house (err, apartment) I would know exactly where it is, but my mind can't keep up with 20 some boxes for some reason....

On the plus side, I am sure I will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of stuff that I have when I finally pull it all out! :D
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