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A word about keeping inventory

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I have to mention something that I have learned from doing this for almost 10 years now.
When I first started, I didnt have that many props.
Now I take up an entire storage room and another shed.
Keep inventory!!!!
I am starting on new props and I have discovered that I am missing stuff.
I use rubber made tubs to store stuff.
This year I am going to get stick on labels and write down everything that is in the tub. It is going to take more time storing stuff away but right now I am suffering because I have no idea where things are. I have about 30 tubs and it is a pain to look through all of them for one mask.
Just venting!!!!!
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I had planned on taking my 30+tubs out into the backyard and sorting things out into catagories such as all skulls in one tub,dishes in another..etc... but I'm afraid of what might crawl into the items as they are laying around in the yard. I get freaked every year just running across a spider ring that was loose in the bottom of a tub...LOL!
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