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A video of my haunt

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The video isnt real good but you can see some of what I had going on. My coffin pop up wasnt working real good and doesnt show up in the video. The motor on my grabber (seen in front of my truck) appears to have died. The weather was lousy, cold wet blowing snow. The good news is that the projections worked flawlessly and were a hit.

Here ya go folks....

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Looks great! and I'm sure it looks a lot better in person.
It's so hard to get good pics or video in low light. At the end of the night when I look at my pics,
I always think it looked so much better "live" - it just doesn't seem to translate as well to film.

When I saw your zombie projection in the window, I thought how cool that would be playing inside a school bus -
My thought probably triggered by a visit earlier in the night by a slew of zombie teens.
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