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A very big "Thank You" to a essential part of my Yard Haunt

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As I put the finishing touches on my Yard Haunt and prepare for the Witching Hour to begin, I would like to pause for a moment and say "Thank You" to the wonder Zip Tie.

Without this very simple, yet vital, piece of plastic my haunt would literally fall apart.

So "Thank You" Mr. Zip Tie. You are what holds Halloween together.
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I guess I was having a massive brain fart..... I built a giant spider and was attaching the fur to each leg..... a long tedious task as I used twine to
tie each leg in about 8 different spots..... took forever. I said to my wife I need a fast way to attach the fur..... fast and easy..... well thanks people...
the Zip Tie is the perfect answer....and I have tons of them. Just wasnt thinking I guess. Well tongiht I will add a bag of at least 500 to the spider
fur I put away yesterday.
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