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A terrible coincidence.

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I have a rent house that is about 2/3 a mile away from my house. but about 2000 ft. the way the crow flies (straight across through the woods) The other day I was showing this house to a prospective tenant. While walking through the house the woman said "I hope you like Halloween cause my husband and I go all out for Halloween" I told her that I love Halloween and in fact in the woods between that house and mine I have a haunted house that is up all year (closer to my side for electricity). My 18 year old daughter was with me and when the woman left my daughter said "She's our new tenant because she loves Halloween" I told her not neccessarily because it's not wise to mix business with pleasure. After going over her application I realized the lady and her husband probably would not be living there.

Well, the gods decided to test me when they sent the next applicant. It was a woman, her husband and their adopted 10 yr. old son. They were perfect candidates. They were wonderful made plenty of money, sweet, clean and everything they wrote on their application was correct. I told them that they were selected and they came back to the house to measure some things. While they were there the mother told me that her son was having to see a therapist. I asked why what happened?

When the boy was 4 years old he woke up on Halloween morning in the bed with his real mother and she was dead. He stayed there with her all day and into the night and there were kids coming to his door trick or treating. Later that night someone found her and took her away. And he associates his mother's death with Halloween and can in no way see anything Halloween related. She said last Halloween was the first one he made it through without them having to give him something to sedate him.

I can't tell you the miracle it is that I didn't mention my love of Halloween to these people, because alot of my tenants come to my party. And I have never met a child I didn't try to get to go through my haunted house even in June. I turn it on and we go through it. Kids love that thing. He was about 10 min. away from being asked himself.

The other issue is the noise haunted house noises are scary. music, sound fx, etc. and you can hear ours for at least a mile because we put sounds in the woods around our house so it sounds like stuff in the woods. surround sound in the woods.

As the rest of you I am sure, Halloween is one of the great pleasures of my life. I love children and it hurts me to think that something I love will bring pain to this little boy. He is such a cute sweet thing.
My best friend said maybe it was meant to be this way for some reason. I hope she's right.
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That truly is awful for that little boy, but I do think that the family should be told before they move in, away from the boy's hearing, that you do a yard haunt and have a big Halloween party.

If it was me and I was the parent with no prior knowledge of you, I'd feel like you weren't actually looking out for the child's welfare but just trying to get good tenants and telling them even the first of October would really be frustrating and would feel like it was deliberately hidden and might even seem malicious.

I KNOW that isn't the reasoning behind your not telling them - you aren't the sort of person to do that - but keeping the knowledge from them after they told you how the boy had a very tramatic experience involving Halloween would seem at best very odd to some people.

If it was me in the same situation, I would tell them and let them decide before moving there and getting that poor child settled into the neighborhood. That way, they can decide to move there or not, and if they do move there, then at least they can make plans well in advance for the boy's well-being.

Good luck!

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You see this is the country. You pretty much gotta know where your going to get there. Most people don't know there is a house back here. Only people who know us. Same goes with our party and haunt it's just not something you light up along side the road. It is very private. I am not sure why I feel so compelled to show all this except for I don't want people thinking that I am some heartless person who would mess with a child's mind for my own personal gain.
Not sure what part of TN you're in, but I was born and raised in Western KY, and boy do your pics look like home. ;)

I don't think that ANYONE on these boards think you're heartless or thinking of personal gain. You are a good person, but it's just such an awful thing that little boy went through, that many of us have knee-jerk reactions to trying to protect both the boy AND make sure that you don't have to compromise your Halloween celebrations.

It's a tough situation, and you are the only one that knows your setup and will be seeing your tenants regularly. You do what you feel is best, and I'm sure it will work out.
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