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An odd man who is a non-stop" jabberer",so much so that he alienates people within a very few minutes, was the only person today on a lonely street I had to walk down.
I "indulged him" being his willing audience as he told me his troubles,problems and bad things and painful situations he has been in with people who hate him.
(I would not want to be HIM!) I feel sorry him,he is fairly miserable most of the time,or so it seems,and I was also interested in hearing his part of the story as to his mis-dealings and troubles with others ,who are not always "Correct-o",I like to hear both sides,then decide. I had never heard his "side".
The subject turned to a local woman who hates him,who was one time friendly towards him,and so was her Husband.
One day this woman decided she just had to get rid of an old tractor tire that was in their yard when they bought the house. "She just HAD to be rid of it!"
So this man now hated by her said he would take it, which he did,moving it to his house.
Eventually his neighbor thought she might want the tire to make a big tire swing with it? Her 3rd grader had just gotten off the school bus,so he and another woman-friend walked over to have a look at his tire.
"That Kid was So Hyper!" He told me today. After glancing at the old tire the little boy said he was going to get the Mail. His Mother and her friend were still looking at the tire , both attractive young women,wearing white pants.
No horn was sounded ,the truck ,a semi,it's brakes squealed and the trailer jumped up and came back down as the little boy flew through the air,leaving his shoes in the road where he had been standing before the semi came around the blind corner and killed him!
I got the impression that the teller of this story thought some how the old tire was to blame.. and IF he had not taken it from the evil agitated woman's yard....
then with no smile,no humor at all intended.. he said,"I used to drive "truck",the trucker never honked his horn.. maybe he had turned his head to" look over" those two women?
The road is a major highway,designed in1927 going through valleys and up and down many hills. It has about 43 noticeable, steerable curves in just 20miles
The curve where the boy was killed is at the top of a steep hill where the road levels out to cross a big bridge. Even though that last curve is a blind curve and the curve is a sharp turn, many have always driven around it faster than they should because it has some banking to hold you from going off of the curve.
Nobody thought the semi driver was speeding or could have stopped in-time.
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