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A few years ago, we started doing a pirate’s theme and I wanted to get a lobster trap to put a Boris skull inside of it while his body protected the treasure chest nearby. I looked online for a real trap, but they were extremely expensive for what I was planning to do with it. But my search gave me a general idea of what one looked like, so I ventured to build one instead.

These were my models:
Cage Pet supply Metal

Vehicle Shipwreck Boat

2" x 2" x 8' wood
Cedar wood slats 1” x 8’ (I had these on hand from another project, but you can get them at Home Depot in the garden area or slice it yourself) I think I used about 10 or 15 of them.
1/2 “ flexible PVC pipe (used for water lines for faucets - easily bends)
3/4” brads
¾” drywall screws
½’ spade bit
1/8” drill bit
20 gauge beading wire
some old gray paint I had in a can

I forgot to take pics of the start of the process, but here is a shot of the base assembled from the bottom and the top.
I cut the slats approx. 3’ long and then attached them to the 2x2 pieces of wood. They were cut about 20” long I used the brads with some wood glue and nailed them in, leaving some space between each slat (roughly ¾” to 1”). It looked like this:

Product Wood Room Wood stain Hardwood

I then took a ½” spade bit and drilled a hole at each end of the 2x2 wood. I filled the hole with construction glue and inserted a piece of flex hosing into the hole on each end, making a half circle arc. These pieces were approx. 20”, but this can vary based upon how large you want your trap. I did this to make three half hoops. I also use a few ¾” drywall screws to make sure the flex hosing would stay in place.

Product Furniture Chair Wood Wood stain

Next it was time to attach the slats to cover the rest of the trap. I wrestled with the idea for a while and then came up with a solution. Because the arced flex pipe wouldn’t really support nails, I found some beading wire that would make the job easier.

Cylinder Wire Auto part Metal

First, I held the slat in place. The easiest spot to start was at the very top. I drilled two holes through the wood and the flex pipe, making sure not to move the wood as I drilled the second hole. I then cut a small piece of the beading wire approx.. 5” long and rolled it over my finger like this:

Finger Hand Thumb

I then fed the wire through the holes in the wood and then through the flex piping.

Finger Wood Hand Table Plywood

Ceiling Light Finger Hand Daylighting

I then twisted the wire ends together with some electrical pliers until the wood was tight against the pipe and wouldn’t move.

Wood Plywood Rim Wood stain Hardwood


Continue this process, leaving a little space between the individual slats. Your trap will begin to look like this:

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Plywood

Product Wood Hardwood Furniture

Make sure to pick a side where the opening will be for the trap. The slats will only get attached to two on the pipes of the trap body. The opening began to take shape like this:

Furniture Wood

Continue the process all the way around and then do the same to each side. The sides take a little extra effort because you have to reach inside to attach the wood slats, but eventually will be enclosed like this:


Wood Hardwood Plywood Furniture Table

Wood Hardwood Plywood

Then, using your gray paint, paint the lobster trap. I watered mine down so it soaked into the wood and looked a little more weathered. Paint it however you want and decorate it accordingly.

Architecture Machine

After it was dry, I shot it with some black spray paint to add some highlights. And this is what it looks like finished:

Grille Wood Metal Automotive exterior Floor

Add some netting, crab figures, starfish or whatever you want to add to it and you have it for your display.

Here it is at night:

Light Lighting Darkness Night Table

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Love this project! And how you solved it. Looks great. One of these years I have a pirates theme in the works that this could be a nice addition for. I already have a few of the Gemmy animated lobsters so just need a trap or two for them. I do like your idea of a trapped guy.

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Jack, for the pvc tubing you should look in the electrical dept for grey pvc tubing. Its already grey and rated for outdoors. I use it for a frame to cover my boat. Also instead of wiring it you should try 1 5/8 deck screws. What you made looks good, they charge a lot of money now for the old wooden ones.
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