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(Sorry for the image quality)

This prop is simply the best of both eras. Newer circuit boards allow for more programming and features (while still allowing user repairability, no micro-components), but the classic Gemmy quality of older lifesizes still remained.

This was a combination of every innovation in horror lifesizes that Gemmy produced. They could have just made him talk, but they didn't stop there. They could have had his fingers twitch at the end of each phrase, but they didn't stop there. There is so much going on with this prop that it seems almost too good for a store-bought item. What would have REALLY been cool is if they had made this exact design but for the older Freddy. Unfortunately, there can't be too much of a good thing.

This prop was released in 2010 as a Spirit exclusive, however it was sold in 2011 and 2012 from various different retailers such as K-mart and Party City. He features a moving head, eyes, mouth, body, arm, and claw. The only other store-bought prop I can think of that had 6 different motors was the fortune witch, made in 2006-7.

In my opinion, I think this prop was a fair balance between haunters and collectors, in terms of the market appeal. On one end, the prop is extremely visually impressive, which attracted a lot of backyard haunters. The new Freddy look did shy away some customers, however collectors of Freddy Kreuger Memorabilia and prop collectors alike made up for the deficit in demand.

I, fortunately, have the 2010 model. This is the best model to have, since there were no cuts yet in quality and had room for extra flair because of Spirit's much inflated price of $279.99. Not only this, but my Freddy is pretty close to being new, as he was only used for a few parties and such. He also has his box, which is in amazing condition. His eyes are still shiny, which is indicative of no outdoor use and low "mileage". Later models had a shoulder piece that used less plastic, had an overall cheaper construction of the prop, thinner plastic in the base, and less paint on the mask. They did improve the finger mechanism and change the programming in later models, however. The eyes in later models were changed as well, so that their movement was more visible.

I do have a bias towards Freddy Kreuger, as I think he is an amazing horror character, however I do enjoy this model more than the 2005 Freddy.

Sure, you may say that this item is faulty (and yes, DOA models do happen), but if you take care of your things, they won't break nearly as fast. My Freddy still works good as new, and has never been worked on. You can't have these things on for countless hours in the cold outside and expect them to work year after year. If you continue to operate them even when they're broken, you're simply asking for board issues. PLEASE use the right adapter.

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest props Gemmy ever made, and I think that a lot of thought and love went into the making of this item. I believe the cost of production of this item, combined with 2010's extremely expensive Spirit lineup (licensing fees and designing costs for new Freddy, new Jason Voorhees, new Michael Myers, Pinhead) is the final nail in the coffin that sent Gemmy into its current downward spiral.
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