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A man BBQ'ing his own head. (with hot coal effect) WIP pics

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I wanted to share my progress on what I’m calling BBQ MAN. Since there aren’t too many outside decorations this year (long, sad story) I wanted to have something as a main attraction when ToT’s come up to the door. I had the idea a few days ago and finally found the time to start yesterday. I wanted a man, standing in his front yard, very casual as if it’s a steak on the grill, bbq’ing his own head. (These ideas are what happen when you don’t sleep)

I only have about 3 hrs in him right now, so hopefully today he’ll be fleshed out and ready for details. The skull is just for visual reference, I will be making the severed head and neck from scratch (hopefully). I wanted to try the hot coal effect that I’ve seen around here, so that’s what he’ll be bbq’ing over and that will provide the light for the face and body.

Text Drawing Font Illustration Design

A very quick sketch of what I was looking for.
Table Furniture Wood Wood stain Workbench

Base, legs, raw materials.
Table Wood Furniture Chair woodworking

Rough measurements to make sure he's not towering over the grill.
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Close to what the final pose will be.
Food Cuisine

I'll post more as progress is made.Wish me luck.
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BBQ MAN - UPDATE - Progress WIP pics

I just wanted to post some progress pics. I've been visiting someone in the hospital past few days so I haven't gotten the chance to make further progress. Hopefully this weekend.

Food Dessert Cuisine Dish Flesh

Right and Left hands and the neck stump ready to be primered. There will be more detailing done after the primer to even everything out. I want it to be a little rough for texture.*
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Hand Finger Arm Art Thumb

Reinventing the wheel. They only had right hands, so I hacked them up and made my own left hand. I also removed the right thumb and gave it better placement, cut off the fingers and arranged them in a more casual way. I will add the thumbnail on the correct side, but this detail is not too important since this part will be dark. Next time I will do it from scratch but these worked in a pinch.
Food Cuisine Street food Cooking Flesh

A pose closer to what I had pictured originally. Casual, not too stiff. The body needs to be fleshed out a little but this is the basic framework.
Clothing Tartan Fashion Textile Plaid

A better view and a change in position of the neck. It looked a lot creepier on an angle rather than straight up and down.*
Flesh Games

A crude lighting test to see how the light reflects on the face and body. It won't be pitch black but more than dark enough to see the main details.

Next up is the hot coals for the grill, making his head then some final detailing and paint work.

Thanks for the support so far.

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BBQ MAN - Finally Done!

Thanks to all that followed his progress. I just tested him last night at midnight and he looks damn good. Here are some final shots. I had to sneak away and post these. All he's missing are the empty beer cans and the can that goes in his left hand. Otherwise he's complete. I was going for a Total Recall meets Raiders of the Lost Ark with a dash of Harvey Dent look. I only had a day to sculpt and paint everything.
Head Flesh Organism Tree Art

Final shot of BBQ MAN, sans clear coat.
Head Fiction Demon Flesh Art

A profile shot and a close up of some detail. I would have loved to spend a few more days on this guy but I'm happy with what he turned out to be.
Flesh Food Dish Cuisine

One last final test. I made some thicker blood from pva glue and a few other things and it looks great on the neck. It stayed shiny and thick. I also dirty'd up the appron and pants a bit.
Flesh Food Cuisine Dish

A view of the hot coals. I've been dying to try this effect and I'm happy with the results considering this is my first attempt. I went ahead and added some ashes because I wanted it to look more like BBQ coals.

Thanks for looking. Hope everyone has a great night.

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I am definitely NOT coming to your house for a barbecue!
Serving your guests would take on a whole new meaning ...

Reminds me of one of my favorite movies and the best barbecue movie ever - Fried Green Tomatoes
"Secrets in the sauce"

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