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A link to some Gear Motors I found

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Hello Haunters!

I figured my "holiday break" is over and it is time to get back into the swing of things!

I caught up on some of the posts and took a peek at some of the saved sites I have to see what motors or mechanic deals, if any, I can find that would help me with some new ideas. I saw this interesting gear motor on ebay I wanted to share...

24 VDC 10 RPM Reversible Gear Motor, Merkle-Korff - eBay (item 280302417111 end time Jan-17-09 04:11:11 PST)

It has 2 motor shafts, one upper and one lower, which I thought might be used for a prop needing dual action or could possibly save some $ by using one motor instead of two pending the load put on it.

At $2.25 each I just picked up 2 of them. The listing says it ends at around 7am EST tomorrow and they have 23 more of these motors.

Just figured I would send you all good people the link and let you check it out to see if this is something you could use.

Glad to be back thinking of Halloween '09!