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Everybody has a Christmas Wish. A foot of fresh snow, good health, World Peace, an AK-47, whatever. But what about a Hallowe'en Wish?

my wish would be to have Criss Angel doing his Mind Tricks in the Driveway or the Cemetary. Visitors would NEVER forget that. What about you guys?

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I would wish that November does not look like Winter (It happened last year!) Nice weather in November stops the guillotine blade effect on people's minds that has a distinct tendency to make them quickly forget that my Haunt is still open , open almost every night of the year!
When Winter-looking weather arrives on November 1st, it wipes people's minds of October and any extended possibilities of coming to see a haunted house.
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My wish for this Halloween is a dry day so that the leaves are free and dry to tumble playfully with the autumn's cool breeze. A day with the temperatures in the high 60s, night temperatures in the mid-high 50s. A clear sky with a few scattered puffy clouds and darting bats for spooky effects (since there will be no moon this year). A night that if I close my eyes and deeply inhale the Halloween air, I smell the scent of Halloween herself; musty earth and dead leaves with the occasional whiff of her perfume coming from a wood burning fireplace in someone's chimney. A night that vividly transports me back to feeling like I'm 9 years old again without a care in the world as I skip, dart, and run down the road to every house without a care if there are stairs or a hill to conquer to get there. The youthful time when I had no aches, pains or arthritis in my aging joints, when times were simple and my biggest worry was a homework assignment from my 4th grade teacher Miss Stulgist. A time when I was blissfully unaware of adult cares, budgets, work worries, and goodness gracious ... world politics! A night where I can be transported back over the years to remember how beautiful and wonderful being a child was, even if just for that one night. That is my wish for this Halloween .... oh, and to win the lottery. ;):D:eek:

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I just wish I can get most of my display up, at the rate I'm going it's not going well. The pain this year is ridiculous and I just can't stand. Still we're trying...at least everything is out, now all we need to do is get it up. We're hanging in there.

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My wish is for next Halloween. I just want to finally be in my new house which we are currently waiting on permits to build and to have the permanent wrought iron fence out front that I want and to have my cemetery look amazing in it.

This Halloween would be that my Grandma is feeling well that night and the night we watch horror movies together.

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Along with a crisp, calm, dry night, I'd wish Daylight Savings time would go away- or at least start in November.

On a more whimsical note, I wish at the end of the night, I could wave a magic wand and have everything instantly and neatly packed away for next year.

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How plausible is this supposed to be?

Crisp night with leaves whispering down the street?

An owl landing on the roof of the house?

A low-lying fog naturally blanketing the yard?

The front door opening by itself, revealing an empty porch and a flickering pumpkin?

A trick-or-treater in threadbare orange pajamas and a burlap mask with crooked stitching?

A cloaked and aged figure shuffling down the street carrying a glowing turnip?

Cackling figures racing past the moon, their shadows darting across the lawn?

Bruce Campbell covered in gore, barging in and needing to use the phone?

Jamie Lee Curtis covered in sweat, barging in and telling me to lock the door?

A studio calling and telling me they wanna make a film of my novel?

Having enough candy?

Seriously, this could get really unrealistic if we aren't careful.

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A cool, clear night that gets dark extra early and lots of creative costumes on the TOTs.

Just enough candy for all that come, so there's not enough left over to make me gain weight.

And no prop catastrophes!
Franky just covered all my wishes.

This is one costume I have already promised a bag of candy to if he shows up at my doorstep. :D


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Hmmm, my wish would be that all our guests are able to come to our party, that the sun stays out long enough for us to finish all our props and scares in time so that we may give them all the fright of their lives and have them longing for next years bash.
and no rain on party night or on Halloween night!
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