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This is my first post. I shall be referred to as Sarcazmo. I live in Los Angeles. I'm not married nor do I have a girlfriend. I am not in debt. I dont have many vices. I dont do drugs or smoke.

I run a blog website http://sarcazmosfunhouse.blogspot.com/....and a soon to be Youtube web series called Sarcazmo's Funhouse.

On the Youtube show, I play a clown who reviews and discusses movies mostly focusing on Horror, Action, and Sci-Fi. The first episodes will debut within the next 50 days. If you search for Sarcazmo's Funhouse on Youtube or Facebook you will find my sites.

I am an addict...a Halloween addict. Instead of heroin, crack cocaine, or painkillers, I'm addicted to Halloween decorations. I have had a yearly Halloween Sarcazmoganza Party now for 5 years running. Each year I go all out more and more in my apt. I told myself I have so much stuff already, that I wont buy anything this year....that rationale lasted until Auguest 22nd, 2010 when I went into a Michaels. That started a spending relapse, an All Hallows Eve spending relapse.

I then came to this forum like I do every year to start researching when stores would put out their stuff. That lead me to websites, which lead me to other websites looking for the best prices.

So I have decided to chronicle or document if you will, the two months leading up to Halloween starting on September 1st, 2010. What this means for you, and this is important, is this....

1. After the majority of my Halloween spending spree, I will do an episode of Sarcazmo's Funhouse on Youtube reviewing and showing off ALL my Halloween purchases. Various cast members will make cameos appearances.

2. I'm also going to peoples houses this year that decorate extravagantly and interview them for my show. I will post the video on a episode.

3. I will chronicle my trips to the 1000's of stores in LA...Wal-Mart, Target, K-mart, CVS, Rite Aid, Spirit, Walgreens, etc. I will update this journal on a daily basis.

4. I'm filming my Halloween party and putting it online in an episode also.

What I hope to get out of all of this is to give back to the forum, get some fans of my show and blog, make some friends, and generally have some entertaining posts. The next update will start the journal chronicling my journeys and trips.

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Day 1. Relapse. August 29th, 2010.

August 28th I say to myself, "this year, I buy nothing". August 29th after working in the afternoon, I venture over to Michaels..."just to look". I know Michaels is always one of the first stores to put out Halloween stuff, they also have the Lemax aisle displays that I like to look at.
Most of their stuff is cheap, nothing really impresses me. They are THE best place for coupons though.

I go in and go straight to the Halloween stuff. Theres a lifesize skeleton that talks and a few people are amused, he looks cheaply made. I go into the props aisle and two things immediately catch my eye...a 35inch bat and some really detailed foam skulls.

The bat is MEGA-CHEAP up close...its like they had 3rd graders paint it, but from afar it looks impressive. Even more impressive was the price..$12.99, EVEN more impressive was the fact I know Michaels always have coupons.
So I leave the store to go home to print the coups. 40% off..hells yeah! One coup per store per day...hells no.

August 30th. I have a gameplan. I have 3 Michaels in my area and I plan a route to the stores before work. I buy 1 bat at each store. I ask the cashier, what if I buy one at 9:00 am and then come back at 8:00pm? She said I could probably get away with it. After tax the bat was $8.55. She also said she could get fired if she lets me use two coups and points at the camera. Sarcazmo without clown makeup has officially been caught on film.

August 31st. Three bats is enough I think, so I buy a big detailed foam skull...$6.00 and change after the coup. You have to have two of everything right, so the next day another skull. I think I'm going to stick body strobes in their eyes and put them on my balcony. I stop at a few stores but its not even Sept so they dont have stuff out yet.

Tonight when I get home I will continue the diary. Sarcazmo 2:48pm, Sept 6th, 2010.

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Diary continues...

Sept 1st. Start a massive online search for Halloween stuff. Go to Walmart.com based on positive word of mouth from this forum. Walmart in years past has had crap in store, but the online selection was quality galore.

They had big time stuff too. Although some of it has been pulled down or sold out, I got what I wanted which was a 6 ft light up led ghost. I paid $59.99 plus 97 cent shipping. Other places had the 4 ft version for $60.00 and the 6 ft for $129.00!!! Yikes. I never will understand the price differentials on these Hallloween sites. Wal-Mart is even guilty as the hanging vampire they have for $99.00 is only $59.99 at Spirit, and Spirit has coups. Do these sites think people wont shop around?

I find a site called Halloween 24.com and order a ton of stuff. They had the best prices I could find....

Deluxe Animated Chainsaw with Sound$ 29.08

Crow that caws $8.72 , and a bunch of other stuff with a coupon code for free shipping.

Sept 3rd, my first big all day road trip. Lowes is my first stop. i want one thing and one thing only...the Gemmy Projector. I buy it, but notice they also have dropping spider for $16.00 and a black widow dropper for $7.98, those are good prices. I dont buy either spider. Dollar Tree is next, I only bought a doormat and some fake hands. I will go back for the spiders as I plan on cobbwebbing up my door. Spirit store is closed still, they are stocking it with costumes and a bunch of mediocre demon babies that seem to be hot this year to everyone but me. I call wal-Mart and they say their stocking on the 16th.,,,16TH?? way to hold off.

I pick up 2 consecutive shifts and earn some serious cash. The pros of being a waiter, if you need money, you pick up a shift and usually guaranteed 3 figures. This lessons the burdens on my bank account.

So now its just play the waiting game. Target, Walmart, etc...get your act together. Tomorrow I am getting up early and doing an all day, then filming in downtown LA for my Sarcazmo's Funhouse show.
Filming in the same building used in the movie SEVEN when they go to JOHN DOES apt. Epic.

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The diary continues.

Sarcazmo here in LA and the Walgreens have finally gotten their halloween truck in and boy oh boy do they have some cool stuff.

Let me preface this post by saying that being a halloween fanatic/collector. Its so sweet to not have any competion for these cool items. There was no one in the Halloween aisle and I was there a half hour. When I used to collect Star Wars and Hot Wheels, guys were waiting at the door before the store opened, and would dash to the toy aisle. Thats why I quit toys.

This may be over your heads, but theres a scene in Plains, Trains, and Automobiles where Steve Martin sees an open cab in New York, Kevin Bacon sees the same cab. They glance at each other from across the street, knowing what the other one wants. They then race to the cab. Thats what toy hunting was like. You'd see a guy in the parking lot and he'd see you. He knew you werent at KMart at 8:00am to look at dvds. You'd then try to get to the aisle without running because that would look pathetic. Then when you both get there, you act like you didnt know the other guy was there for toys and make small talk.

My main things to get this season were the Gemmy projector, the Jack in the box, and the you solve it mystery dvd from Dollar Tree. So I go into Walgreens and the aisle is packed with cool stuff. There are so many items I want, must pace self its early Sept. First thing I scope for is the Jack in the Box, they have 4, 2 Jacks, 2 Jills, I buy 1 of each. $14.99 each. These things are so cool. One of the classic Halloween props of all time, right up there with stuff from the early 1990's. The most overlooked thing here is the deco of the box itself. Their coveted because their wanted by an assortment of collectors for Halloween. I collect clowns so thats why I wanted one.

They have these awesome wall plaques for $9.99 that light up and actually come out of the wall, its like a 3d effect, they move and talk. If Spirit had something like that it'd be $40.00.

Freddy, Jason, Myers, full size door covers that motion detect people and play theme songs and scary sounds. They had a bunch, I might pick them up later. The Freddy one is basically the cover of Freddys Dead: The Final Nightmare, so I thought it was kind of a chessy pic. Jason is the coolest one of the lot. I might buy one and put it on the bathroom door for my party.

The groudbreaker wolf with heartbeating hand was $9.99, I dont own a house so I didnt get him.

They had a case of 4 inch talking heads for $6.99 each, the witch and the bride are the shortpacks, theres two skulls, 2 mummys, 1 witch, 1 bride. I bought the witch, Bride and Skeleton.

Blinking strobe lights that play music...bought them.

6ftt Freddy and Jason that hang from the ceiling, pretty cheaply made...$20.00...I pass.

Huge skeleton that hangs from ceiling for $30.00, I want one really bad and may go back. Spirit would sell something similar for $100.00 probably. If it lit up or talked I would've bought it.

A ghost that dances to Ghostbusters but wait.... it also blinks and GROWS TALL while dancing $15.00 bucks...immediate purchase.

Lifelike bone skeleton heads for $6.99. These things feel like real skeletons, not that I'd know. Larger skeleton with red lights inside was like $10.00.

Ty Beanie babies if anyone is still living in 1997.

Candy syringe needles, candy pizza, lots of wacky candy.

A 3 tombstone set that interacts with themselves for $20.00, they blink and play music but once again, I dont have a yard to put them in. This would be a must purchase IF I had a yard.

Paper jointed cutout skeletons and witches that are pretty big...2 for $5.00.

You ever see on ebay the lifesize human trapped in the gigantic web? Well they have it for $19.99.. I IMMEDIATELY purchase. I then find one with a giant spider instead. May go back to buy it, other Walgreens dont have stuff out yet.

I also bought a piar of skeleton gloves like the bad guy in The Karate Kid wore, they were $5.00.

A ton of other assorted stuff. The display page was still in the aisle. All Walgreens apparently will look the same. I went to other Walgreens some had the giant $30.00 hanging skeleton some didnt. Jack in the Boxes are scarce, but there may have been more in storage.
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